NOT Jankos 's Lee Sin...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1549


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 7 дана


  2. Tony Touma

    Tony ToumaПре 12 дана

    Midbeast how thefuck didnt you outplay the nida >). Love watching boomers play lb

  3. Cow

    CowПре 12 дана

    Mo's Yasuo is fucking insane!!!

  4. Kordian 2

    Kordian 2Пре 12 дана

    Hey guys I just thought that riot should release a side game of old lol with poor graphics. This had such amazing climate.

  5. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Hot Girls Video XXXПре 13 дана

    Latest content especially for adults over 18 years old �� ha

  6. Flare Dish

    Flare DishПре 13 дана

    2:37 holy shit that r roll

  7. Kirby will end you free trial of life

    Kirby will end you free trial of lifeПре 13 дана

    Daily dose of coconut

  8. ezz ashraf

    ezz ashrafПре 13 дана

    Finally a new video .. 2day without coconut 🥥

  9. Don't look Inside

    Don't look InsideПре 14 дана

    what happen with MidBeast... he's fighting at UFC or what??

  10. Solstice

    SolsticeПре 14 дана

    Maybe the lvl 15 brand 4/10 was too strong for the lvl 17 TF full build 17/4... Nice one Rito

  11. Kevin Meeker

    Kevin MeekerПре 14 дана

    7:21 "IM FULL BUILD WITH 25 STACK MEJAIS AND I CANT 1 SHOT HIM???" Welcome to the mage life Tyler. The only way to one shot is to build full ap. You can't half ass the build like bruisers/tanks and still one shot people.

  12. TI Pilot

    TI PilotПре 14 дана

    why is pekinwoof everywhere? is he like faker or something, he gets a fucking canon minion and its a clip

  13. Mohamed Samy

    Mohamed SamyПре 14 дана

    Now its a usual thing, i see a midbeast clip i know he is gonna die.

  14. Pure Mindset

    Pure MindsetПре 14 дана

    Coconut is such a rich youngster

  15. Yumi Horuno

    Yumi HorunoПре 14 дана

    But what was Quantum's question?

  16. John Price

    John PriceПре 14 дана

    to be fair to Tyler, that Brand was gold 4

  17. Brendan Yu

    Brendan YuПре 14 дана

    *silver 4*

  18. Antagonist

    AntagonistПре 14 дана

    3:10 how u change the anouncer voice like this?

  19. Luis Fernando Gil Herrera

    Luis Fernando Gil HerreraПре 14 дана

    Al fin :D

  20. Hunter Fabio2

    Hunter Fabio2Пре 14 дана

    8:18 I love that Corkis name.

  21. Trevor Davidson

    Trevor DavidsonПре 14 дана

    4:40 yeah because saber is known for his really basic cait mechanics

  22. Miko

    MikoПре 13 дана

    @Waffle House +1

  23. Waffle House

    Waffle HouseПре 14 дана


  24. Albert

    AlbertПре 14 дана

    Can we please get a Tf buff or maybe rework, you can't play because 90% of midlaners kill you in 3,0

  25. H4MMY

    H4MMYПре 14 дана


  26. vasileios gkountas

    vasileios gkountasПре 14 дана

    Can somebody explain how the heck Brands R bounced back and not only it bounced but it bounced back to himself without hurting him? Since when Brands R in 1v1 without minions or other champs bounces to himself? Isnt that a bug or what?

  27. 3 kp

    3 kpПре 14 дана

    It was changed so brand can be mid laner, so its not a bug

  28. Gabriel Rivero

    Gabriel RiveroПре 14 дана


  29. Deniz Can Özbek

    Deniz Can ÖzbekПре 14 дана

    11:40 is this game sound going to be permanent

  30. damneasy

    damneasyПре 14 дана

    Jankos lee Pog

  31. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре 14 дана


  32. W4tch0ut

    W4tch0utПре 14 дана

    You can say what you want, but when tyler1 starts playing a champ u can clearly see he is very willing and capable of learning it

  33. M S

    M SПре 14 дана

    YOO take a break from putting on big time streamers theres alot of content w smaller streamers so read my emails breh

  34. Airi Akitsuki

    Airi AkitsukiПре 14 дана

    2:37 That brrr was hit on me

  35. mechanic kid

    mechanic kidПре 14 дана


  36. Sergio Ezequiel Ramirez

    Sergio Ezequiel RamirezПре 14 дана

    who's drututt and why does he have a peepo for every single champ he plays hahahah

  37. Chara la cuchara

    Chara la cucharaПре 14 дана

    5:08 What happened to the eyes of my baby? 😢

  38. Ff

    FfПре 14 дана

    So Jankos has hit 2 q‘s and a free kick and people think its a good play because it was a quadra kill.

  39. Sion Kim

    Sion KimПре 14 дана

    Thought the same

  40. Roger Song

    Roger SongПре 14 дана

    11:40 misses the stun, still kills a full hp opponent while being literally 1 auto away from death. Balanced champ

  41. damneasy

    damneasyПре 14 дана

    And drutut says camilla is not good lol

  42. larsagne

    larsagneПре 14 дана

    5:20 *chukles* Im in danger

  43. Nekosaki Krocchi

    Nekosaki KrocchiПре 14 дана

    Moe lose his voice sound so cute

  44. December

    DecemberПре 14 дана

    11:28 is this not the poster child of a league of legends player that has been through it all? Like come on...

  45. Leon kennedy

    Leon kennedyПре 14 дана

    Honestly I dont like watching Pekinwoof, none of his videos are skill. All of it is just about luck.

  46. Mina Khella

    Mina KhellaПре 13 дана

    @Leon kennedy makes sense

  47. Leon kennedy

    Leon kennedyПре 13 дана

    Doesn't matter tho, it's not the channel I dislike, I just dislike this vid where a streamer is all luck. I don't actually care if he's challenger too, it's just gross to see all his highlights to be all luck based.

  48. Leon kennedy

    Leon kennedyПре 13 дана

    Yeah I am got a problem with that?

  49. Chara la cuchara

    Chara la cucharaПре 14 дана

    Also it's not like he specifically asked to put mediocre plays on a compilation...

  50. Mina Khella

    Mina KhellaПре 14 дана

    Honestly he's challenger, are you challenger?

  51. Collin Green

    Collin GreenПре 14 дана

    The Yone plays by that same guy are always the best....jesus

  52. Mario

    MarioПре 14 дана

    That's Dzukill

  53. gon Gingroxs

    gon GingroxsПре 14 дана


  54. Yusuf Akkoyun

    Yusuf AkkoyunПре 14 дана

    4:25 like how he wanted to blame it on VI

  55. Yusuf Akkoyun

    Yusuf AkkoyunПре 14 дана

    @Dodge Chance i mean mistakes happen but never blame it on someone whos not their fault at least admit yea okay my bad

  56. Dodge Chance

    Dodge ChanceПре 14 дана

    Ye, I came down to see if anyone else spotted that. It was completely his fault, not just for misjudging tower dmg but also for baiting VI into it and causing them both to die.

  57. real Matafukkin G

    real Matafukkin GПре 14 дана

    Drututt in Thai means asshole/anus I'm not joking always laugh at his name every time I see it.

  58. Gabriel Maxwell

    Gabriel MaxwellПре 14 дана

    how in the world doe that guy have that announcer voice???

  59. FNC Samilegi

    FNC SamilegiПре 14 дана

    11:18 See the name on Draven.

  60. Fairy Gildarts

    Fairy GildartsПре 14 дана

    Tyler1's mid challenge is exciting

  61. Bobibobibu

    BobibobibuПре 14 дана

    9:26 Anyone know how does he mod Odyseey Kayn announcer into the game?

  62. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong UnПре 14 дана

    he said to google it

  63. Seen TV

    Seen TVПре 14 дана

    I think he did some file work and changed announcer files

  64. Mosad

    MosadПре 14 дана

    He said he bought it from the shop, i have no idea where because I didn't check tbh

  65. Lukas Breuer

    Lukas BreuerПре 14 дана

    Im curious aswell

  66. Mahmoud naili

    Mahmoud nailiПре 14 дана

    God! i hate that gamer girl's voice, so fucking annoying

  67. Thượng Nguyễn

    Thượng NguyễnПре 14 дана


  68. Sam Pines

    Sam PinesПре 14 дана

    hate to say it coco but synapse has been popping up on my recommended abit more than you

  69. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре 14 дана


  70. John Christofer Aguilar

    John Christofer AguilarПре 14 дана

    I just missed commenting lol hi I still watch your videos

  71. Diego Vera

    Diego VeraПре 14 дана

    I was waiting for this :D

  72. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 14 дана

    Finally, a new upload by coconut

  73. Eslam Ahmed

    Eslam AhmedПре 14 дана


  74. Rona Reyes

    Rona ReyesПре 14 дана


  75. AndEySay

    AndEySayПре 14 дана


  76. M3DALI

    M3DALIПре 14 дана


  77. Adriano Felice

    Adriano FeliceПре 14 дана