RANK 1 EU Teleport...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1533


  1. Facundo Bascher

    Facundo BascherПре 10 дана


  2. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 14 дана


  3. nCurse

    nCurseПре 22 дана

    2:42 went from lucky saber to unlucky midbeast

  4. Filipe Lopes

    Filipe LopesПре 29 дана

    Akali abusers🤢

  5. Kömür

    KömürПре месец

    12:22 that q hit thanks riot games

  6. Andrew Cobb

    Andrew CobbПре месец

    Dude azzapp is smurfing so hard 6:09

  7. Kirby will end you free trial of life

    Kirby will end you free trial of lifeПре месец

    daily dose of coconut

  8. Simon Albornoz

    Simon AlbornozПре месец

    Rank 1 euw is razork 3Head

  9. Jaber al-harbe

    Jaber al-harbeПре месец

    every sayls player is trollll

  10. Blyszczaca Swinia

    Blyszczaca SwiniaПре месец

    Pls dont show the pusssy the baufs, he didint want to play with our country rivals team because they had 1 minute latency because of LoL Client

  11. AceUltraman

    AceUltramanПре месец

    At 11:54 someone farts 😂😂 Lmaooooo

  12. ithildiess

    ithildiessПре месец

    Saber's outplays are always so damn nutty and clean! i love it..

  13. Money And Sub

    Money And SubПре 28 дана

    Hes a good player for sure but man needs to get a new mic or something shit picks up everything

  14. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua ZoldyckПре месец

    He is so satisfying to watch

  15. emma bianco

    emma biancoПре месец

    que onda todoos los yankis son agrandados como el jeton ese que juega adc o el chino que va jg? (que en este caso saco trundle) no los banco

  16. Cole Sherwood

    Cole SherwoodПре месец

    Most of these people are playing on typewriters, so loud

  17. Brendan Yu

    Brendan YuПре месец

    Guess I’m rank 1 EU now

  18. vvvartic1

    vvvartic1Пре месец

    5:41 cmonBruh

  19. Mert D

    Mert DПре месец

    9:35 elwindin elüne verirken

  20. Ivo Ivanov

    Ivo IvanovПре месец

    i like how he is clicking like he is playing mechanicle champ 4:23

  21. Adrian Martin

    Adrian MartinПре месец

    Having apm in league is good even if u play garen the thing is that guy have the fking mic in the keyboard or smth so it fking sounds crazy but Im pretty sure all like high elo players click like that just for apm it gives u better reaccion timings to dodge spells and stuff

  22. Yanfei

    YanfeiПре месец

    Nemesis is no longer EU he plays for Korea now

  23. Adrian Martin

    Adrian MartinПре месец

    @Ahmed Abou ElKassem Ye he did but I mean everyone can missclick u cant say anything about that it just happens he prob though he had flash or smth

  24. Ahmed Abou ElKassem

    Ahmed Abou ElKassemПре месец

    He reached rank 1 euw before?

  25. Dominiorrr

    DominiorrrПре месец

    Why are there no more grosscore clips?

  26. M. Tarık ARIKAN

    M. Tarık ARIKANПре месец

    4:00 tobias half life scientist cosplay

  27. Alex Wong

    Alex WongПре месец

    Froggen xD

  28. Rikali

    RikaliПре месец

    0:49 akali casted R2 before e damage could hit. she literally trolled it

  29. Larkian

    LarkianПре месец

    @Jacob Parrekar She could have waited to be on top of Lucian and R towards outside the tower, iirc Akali R2 hitbox can hit slightly from the back

  30. Jacob Parrekar

    Jacob ParrekarПре месец

    True. Probably thought she was on some Faker type shit so imma spam my keyboard

  31. Collin Green

    Collin GreenПре месец

    Clip at 7:06 is insane...goes from 11-1 to 13-1.....bonkers stuff

  32. Mateusz Sidorski

    Mateusz SidorskiПре месец

    word, huge af. They might be able to turn the game around with that.

  33. Rochester Sare

    Rochester SareПре месец

    Hows 12:20 missed? That karma q went right through him LMFAOOO

  34. Andrew Cobb

    Andrew CobbПре месец

    dude i feel you, there's no way that doesn't hit

  35. Messuo

    MessuoПре месец

    its river, ure new ?

  36. Lord Spot

    Lord SpotПре месец

    4:16 that guy is so fukin cringe, holy

  37. Веселин Пенев

    Веселин ПеневПре месец

    @Hi im Coconut In your channel's cover, there's a label "Help me reacT 1.000.000 subs" - i'm pretty sure you meant reach

  38. Jet The Pai

    Jet The PaiПре месец

    4:01 Half-Life Scientist scream

  39. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец


  40. mechanic kid

    mechanic kidПре месец


  41. Hayden

    HaydenПре месец

    12:21 tho

  42. Hugo o96

    Hugo o96Пре месец

    Dude midbeast is trolling on purpose no shot

  43. Miha Zeba

    Miha ZebaПре месец

    I think Nemesis lives in Korea, not Eu

  44. killa

    killaПре месец

    he was rank 1 in eu

  45. чебурек чебурек

    чебурек чебурекПре месец


  46. Genna Braun

    Genna BraunПре месец

    There is literally no better Ziggs than noway its crazy!

  47. Chris Aido

    Chris AidoПре месец

    He is garbage ziggs and heimer player

  48. Juan Ramos

    Juan RamosПре месец

    Not everyone does streams

  49. Ink 1nTle

    Ink 1nTleПре месец

    @andy1416 lol

  50. andy1416

    andy1416Пре месец

    Alright this is 100% his alt account

  51. Lork

    LorkПре месец

    7:40 my heart...

  52. Collin Lam

    Collin LamПре месец

    Coconut yes

  53. Djordje Rendulic

    Djordje RendulicПре месец

    finnaly new video

  54. Muhammet Tuğra Bulut

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  55. José Daniel De La Cruz

    José Daniel De La CruzПре месец


  56. ReAcTiVeM79

    ReAcTiVeM79Пре месец

    He is not rank 1 Eu

  57. ReAcTiVeM79

    ReAcTiVeM79Пре месец

    @Achintya Srivastava it’s ok but absurd

  58. Achintya Srivastava

    Achintya SrivastavaПре месец

    @ReAcTiVeM79 I mean Nemesis was rank 1 Eu last season , so we can say he is Eu 1 rank untill this season is finished . and a new rank 1 appears , it like saying DK "were" the Worlds Champions not "are" , even though they won the last Worlds Championship.

  59. ReAcTiVeM79

    ReAcTiVeM79Пре месец

    @Achintya Srivastavalmao he was, Real madrid won the champion 5 years ago, still the europe champion, smart

  60. Achintya Srivastava

    Achintya SrivastavaПре месец

    He reached it last season . So its okay to say it . its not like he was top 1 five season back.

  61. Messuo

    MessuoПре месец

    he was

  62. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    Finally, some coconut upload again

  63. Chadify

    ChadifyПре месец

    lmao he thought he had flash.

  64. Kekmes Maks

    Kekmes MaksПре месец

    Русскому коммьюнити привет!

  65. Radi

    RadiПре месец

    Thanks for the upload!

  66. tyler higginson

    tyler higginsonПре месец

    i know for a fact you’re not mocking eu.. na degenerates, man

  67. Skorup

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  68. Tsukasa Yugi

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  70. Δημήτρης Θηβαίος

    Δημήτρης ΘηβαίοςПре месец

    Hello coconut

  71. Hoshiyomi

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