You Won't Believe Here's Jankos's Xin Zhao...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1530


  1. Ahmet İNAL

    Ahmet İNALПре 4 дана

    "Smashes the keyboard" omg penta kill -Kata players

  2. KTO KNT

    KTO KNTПре 27 дана

    add merthos pls, he mainer scarner

  3. Daniel Wagner

    Daniel WagnerПре 29 дана

    The sedate industry disappointingly advise because mom peroperatively pinch despite a rude wrinkle. dirty, tasteless kitty

  4. Marko Ercegovic

    Marko ErcegovicПре месец

    cringe channel,putting moe ajnd voy on high light

  5. Kraugel

    KraugelПре месец

    0:19 how does orianna's w has like 0.5sec cooldown??

  6. Владислав Андреевич Шурпиков

    Владислав Андреевич ШурпиковПре месец

    It's E W Q, everything was used once.

  7. Jake Payne

    Jake PayneПре месец

    Hey you used the same solorenekton clip for multiple days....kinda cringe

  8. kuroko tetsuya 11

    kuroko tetsuya 11Пре месец

    Love 💘😻💜💛

  9. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец


  10. Kordian j

    Kordian jПре месец

    1:47 omg how do I hate such people in lolu who think that when they say something XD with a sweet voice hah nwm this is stupid and say omg penta gg fuckk

  11. AleXL 06

    AleXL 06Пре месец

    It's the first time i see dzukill dying

  12. League of Iron

    League of IronПре месец

    insane jankos

  13. Hunter Fabio2

    Hunter Fabio2Пре месец

    9:10, isn't that SirChez!

  14. Francesc Pamies

    Francesc PamiesПре месец

    Nemesis is just from another world. This guy makes a penta with the most outplay shit you ever seen in your life, and he flagellates himself because he missed a ward in the TF.

  15. Mike Oakman

    Mike OakmanПре месец

    Too many dzukill clips! Its getting boring and annoying seeying such cncer champ and plays

  16. Hunter Fabio2

    Hunter Fabio2Пре месец

    AGREE! Always the same people. Same about the Kayn kid, put more of pro players or even just smaller streamers.

  17. Hwun Tsu

    Hwun TsuПре месец

    10:24 what kled mains deserve

  18. Werraven

    WerravenПре месец

    12:23 lee sin trying to show aatrox who can grunt more in a fight

  19. Zac Hansen

    Zac HansenПре месец

    Voyoboy is getting thickkkkkk

  20. F Panca97

    F Panca97Пре месец

    Por supuesto que si aparece Grafo tiene que ser trolleando

  21. luigie bernabe

    luigie bernabeПре месец

    anyone know what songs playing at 2:10-2:48?

  22. luigie bernabe

    luigie bernabeПре месец

    its "アクロス・ザ・カタマリ(feat.百々和宏 from MO'SOME TONEBENDER)" if anybody else was wondering :)

  23. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke UchihaПре месец

    Can I get a heart for polish fan 🥺

  24. ksmir

    ksmirПре месец

    dzukill the best yone player

  25. Bumble Birb

    Bumble BirbПре месец


  26. Jacob Wilde

    Jacob WildeПре месец

    Hey guys! If ur reading this stay safe out there. My dad is in the ER rn cause of COVID. It’s stressful… so just stay safe:)

  27. Wikedkillerwhale12 TM

    Wikedkillerwhale12 TMПре 29 дана

    @Nie Wiem Kurde Okay sure whatever you say, conspiracy spreader.

  28. Nie Wiem Kurde

    Nie Wiem KurdeПре месец

    I just entered er because of neck pain and they forced me to sign that I'm sick of covid

  29. ipureimpulse

    ipureimpulseПре месец

    You stay safe too :)

  30. Marawan

    MarawanПре месец

    Don't worry man,he is going to be fine inshallah and he will be back home soon cured and safe

  31. Hh Rr

    Hh RrПре месец

    Hopefully he will do it and god saves him!

  32. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре месец

    me das un corazón ? por cierto feliz dia a tu padre :)

  33. Ιωάννης Γουικόπουλος

    Ιωάννης ΓουικόπουλοςПре месец

    5:07 kalista has randuins omen and Nautilus is 0/14 XD

  34. Muhteşem Kanal

    Muhteşem KanalПре месец

    @Nuihau its 39 minute game

  35. Nuihau

    NuihauПре месец

    The ‘100’ for the Nautilus’s vision score is just insane

  36. Albert

    AlbertПре месец

    2:30 What is that song in the background ;;/ I cant find it

  37. Angelo Jade Angeles

    Angelo Jade AngelesПре месец


  38. MrSkinnyShini

    MrSkinnyShiniПре месец

    Heck yea right on time

  39. The Stronk One

    The Stronk OneПре месец

    We here

  40. Piet N.

    Piet N.Пре месец

    Why coconut?? Its midnight in germany why you doing this to me

  41. Milos Van Der Rest

    Milos Van Der RestПре месец

    for everyone who reads this, have a nice day!

  42. Perkys

    PerkysПре 28 дана


  43. Ray Krieger

    Ray KriegerПре месец


  44. william esquivel

    william esquivelПре месец

    Ty u2

  45. VaniMeshaidas

    VaniMeshaidasПре месец


  46. Hot Pie

    Hot PieПре месец

    at the time of my typing nobody watched the intire video

  47. Psycho Kern

    Psycho KernПре месец

    HI COCO! :D

  48. Nyan Cat

    Nyan CatПре месец


  49. ForeverMadrid

    ForeverMadridПре месец

    Dzedaj kale

  50. NoName

    NoNameПре месец

    early squadd

  51. mooz _

    mooz _Пре месец


  52. Yonne

    YonneПре месец

    yo so early

  53. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    Hi good ma'am/sirs!

  54. Abhinav Chandra

    Abhinav ChandraПре месец