Tyler1's smurfing in challenger!..LoL Daily Moments Ep 1529


  1. Jenniside

    JennisideПре месец

    That sett play was Easiest Penta misplayed. E lands on 4 of them as he lands with R, Into perfect W to kill 2/3 + Triumph procs he gets all 4 there no issues...

  2. E M

    E MПре месец

    I feel like nemesis, is saying things like "I played that bad" or could have been cleaner" after making a play to make himself seem humbler or just cocky as shit. It's annoying when he does it. Just seems disingenuous.

  3. Aoi

    AoiПре месец

    Stop trying to base race a ziggs? Nahh stop trying to base race Huni baby!!

  4. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец


  5. RyouTheMad

    RyouTheMadПре месец

    really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for clips to pass the 10 min mark on this one

  6. Evan Davis

    Evan DavisПре месец

    U only need 8 minutes now they changed it

  7. cosuo

    cosuoПре месец

    funfact: tyler ended that game with 3 kills

  8. MxEU Cole

    MxEU ColeПре месец

    that wingsofdeath play couldve been played so much better it makes me angry xD

  9. lol?

    lol?Пре месец

    QUIT LoL

  10. Hunter Fabio2

    Hunter Fabio2Пре месец

    2:38 4/6 gp, kills three at less than 20% hp each "we hard smurfed that one" xDDD

  11. Glen Pantheon

    Glen PantheonПре месец

    It doesn't show everything

  12. Glen Pantheon

    Glen PantheonПре месец

    The thing is he got them so low but the clip was cut for some reason

  13. DeltaFlux

    DeltaFluxПре месец

    5:40 why is that a clip

  14. Mememanguy

    MememanguyПре месец

    everytime tyler screams and dies is the best moment :D

  15. Reemu

    ReemuПре месец

    5:09 when you lost 17 out of 18 of your games

  16. Xavier Iriarte

    Xavier IriarteПре месец

    Voyboy: Literally autoattacks 5 times His team: HOOOOOLY IT'S HIM

  17. Hamish Thompson

    Hamish ThompsonПре месец

    6:25 low key one of the most disgusting deletes I have ever seen. Lvl 4 with base items one shots in four seconds.

  18. Brendan Yu

    Brendan YuПре месец

    That's heimer for you

  19. Krggle Pegasus

    Krggle PegasusПре месец

    While TF Blade smurfing in Silver

  20. shane

    shaneПре месец

    6:35 why does my man look like hes being held at gunpoint

  21. Feels Matt Man

    Feels Matt ManПре месец

    YAYY grafo ♥-♥

  22. jav her

    jav herПре месец

    grafo wachiturro

  23. amir rahmani

    amir rahmaniПре месец

    8:36 how did he have 115 cdr?

  24. Tatliş Neeko

    Tatliş NeekoПре месец


  25. ShierDymon :p

    ShierDymon :pПре месец

    Hii coconut

  26. UandWman Yo

    UandWman YoПре месец

    you and synapse show the exact same clips every day, just merge at this point

  27. Win Con Gaming

    Win Con GamingПре месец

    the dmg off of non mathematical sett w is underwhelming

  28. Isaac Salzman

    Isaac SalzmanПре месец

    5:22 what does he mean warded for damage buff?

  29. Ilm Lim

    Ilm LimПре месец

    @Isaac Salzman yeah he prob misclick 😂

  30. Isaac Salzman

    Isaac SalzmanПре месец

    @Ilm Lim Ah, I figured. I thought at first it was so the minions would target him in the bush but the ward wasn't in the bush.

  31. Ilm Lim

    Ilm LimПре месец

    That was a lie 😂

  32. REAL ZED

    REAL ZEDПре месец

    Nice video :D

  33. Victor Rasmusson

    Victor RasmussonПре месец


  34. ksmir

    ksmirПре месец

    elwind yok beyler izlemeye değmezz

  35. Gabriel

    GabrielПре месец

    3:03: Gets one of the cleanest plays I've ever seen Nemesis: Mmm, could've been cleaner

  36. Kayn

    KaynПре месец

    @Darren090909 true but that's make him a better player as a streamer I really don't enjoy his clips he plays good but not entertaining :)

  37. Roger Song

    Roger SongПре месец

    He forgot to use protobelt, that's what he meant

  38. Darren090909

    Darren090909Пре месец

    That's what makes him so good. He constantly strives to be better :P Tbf though, he's not wrong. Didn't use rocket belt but that play was insane.

  39. margata Iliev

    margata IlievПре месец

    If T1 start screaming the clip is legendary :D

  40. Sebastian Mahadeva

    Sebastian MahadevaПре месец

    Yes it is

  41. Nikita Gore

    Nikita GoreПре месец

    loud = funny

  42. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре месец

    i love your videos

  43. Mr. Unknown

    Mr. UnknownПре месец

    i love ur content coconut ^^

  44. PattyTheFatty

    PattyTheFattyПре месец

    @Sinsero Sinisero who?

  45. new kid

    new kidПре месец

    @PattyTheFatty stay mad bro, i guess highlights isnt content?

  46. Sinsero Sinisero

    Sinsero SiniseroПре месец

    @PattyTheFatty Professor Akali stan spotted

  47. Gaby_lol

    Gaby_lolПре месец


  48. PattyTheFatty

    PattyTheFattyПре месец

    What content? Other peoples content?

  49. Jhon Deivi G.T

    Jhon Deivi G.TПре месец

    que lastima que yassuo y tyler ya no hacen stream de calidad solo lo hacen por no perder dinero :c

  50. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре месец


  51. Matt Fighting

    Matt FightingПре месец

    Tyler1 might be bad for NA skill level but man he would be TOP level on any weak regions like LAN, EUW or Turkey so don't make fun of him.

  52. Matt Fighting

    Matt FightingПре месец

    @baldawen Not really but im from China so we dont care about NA vs EU, just about the truth.

  53. baldawen

    baldawenПре месец

    @Matt Fighting mb, I thought you were just joking but it seems you're delusional. Clearly, you know better than all the analysts and coaches.

  54. Matt Fighting

    Matt FightingПре месец

    @baldawen Well NA never played in worlds, all the "NA teams" are filed with 4+ imports... if not 5 .... Just put 5 NA players and they could win worlds, NO IMPORTS !

  55. baldawen

    baldawenПре месец

    @Matt Fighting true, they prove it every time in worlds

  56. Matt Fighting

    Matt FightingПре месец

    @Harry Ng NA is top 3 with KR and China currently but TUrkey is close 4th (kinda) dont sleep on TR.

  57. Szabolcs Mészáros

    Szabolcs MészárosПре месец

    Im right back from 13 hours of work, and just uploaded.. i love thissss.

  58. Szabolcs Mészáros

    Szabolcs MészárosПре месец

    @Basra654 I have a day off every week. On workdays I basically eat work and sleep now.

  59. RAY X

    RAY XПре месец

    got it.hardwork boy, u will thx what u pay out one day . u will get better and beteer from the bottom of my heart.

  60. Basra654

    Basra654Пре месец

    @Szabolcs Mészáros and when do you have free time?

  61. Szabolcs Mészáros

    Szabolcs MészárosПре месец

    @RAY X I manage/rent out sunbeds and sunshades from 8am to 9pm at a lake. Have to go early to prepare them, and have to stay late to wait for people to leave them so I can bring them back. It mainly sucks because of the heat.

  62. RAY X

    RAY XПре месец

    what kind of work take ur time over 10 hours,bro

  63. Kitsomo

    KitsomoПре месец

    Nnot first, but early

  64. Kitsomo

    KitsomoПре месец

    Or even first🤣

  65. BlackHeart

    BlackHeartПре месец

    Seems kha’zix is still the apex predator out of the two