Yassuo's New Main...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1531


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 9 дана


  2. KTO KNT

    KTO KNTПре 27 дана

    add please merthos he scarner main

  3. GatoArtz

    GatoArtzПре месец

    6:49 "Hasta la vista, baby" KMNAJSKLEYH12803YH13

  4. Fabian Jara

    Fabian JaraПре месец

    Hasta la vista beibi

  5. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец

    In ur dreams

  6. xiaochen Hu

    xiaochen HuПре месец


  7. xiaochen Hu

    xiaochen HuПре 23 дана

    @mike koszasuki i was just curious why no Chinese here

  8. mike koszasuki

    mike koszasukiПре 25 дана


  9. Ninjaturtle19755

    Ninjaturtle19755Пре месец

    Everytime sro has a clip it sounds like he’s banging coconut halves on the table

  10. Bumble Birb

    Bumble BirbПре месец


  11. Juan Solano

    Juan SolanoПре месец

    5:26 That diana is an actual streamer btw, haha, glad I had some laughs this video

  12. playboi stan

    playboi stanПре месец

    bring back 1 a,m posts

  13. yoyo frojo

    yoyo frojoПре месец

    yassuo maxes q on lee btw hes bad at lee

  14. Huy Nguyen

    Huy NguyenПре месец

    I think the last clip from solorenektononly might have appeared in one of the earlier videos but i might be wrong

  15. Titus Fyffe

    Titus FyffeПре месец

    Yeah shes been reusing clips from time to time for some reason idk

  16. Alexandre

    AlexandreПре месец

    No you’re right

  17. reder

    rederПре месец

    3:09 Who else thought he was about to spit some bars?

  18. inSeclone

    inSecloneПре месец

    0:57 typical stupid egirl champ player cant hit anything hits bubble wich goes 3000miles trough wall and sleeps him then hits 1 skillshot and thinks he is good and spams emote get out of here man

  19. Khôi Lê

    Khôi LêПре месец

    5:03 survives 90 dmg ignite and grevious wounds with a simple passive, way to go balance team

  20. FuckOFF

    FuckOFFПре месец

    And then has enough HP to kill a full HP enemy

  21. ItzReep

    ItzReepПре месец

    Very true sett is so dumb

  22. terminate boy

    terminate boyПре месец

    He had potion and dorans shield passive on

  23. kuroko tetsuya 11

    kuroko tetsuya 11Пре месец

    Love 💘 😻 💜

  24. Umut Akkiren

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  25. hearingfreak

    hearingfreakПре месец

    Hi I’m Hearingfreak

  26. Arda Arıkan

    Arda ArıkanПре месец

    0:18 YOU HAVE NO MANA!

  27. Alex O'Donnal

    Alex O'DonnalПре месец

    Lol he def didn't have to flash on the ASOL but ok. I'm gold and my lee is better than that

  28. amir rahmani

    amir rahmaniПре месец

    zoe is a balanced champ 0:56

  29. Dave poj

    Dave pojПре месец

    Even tho yas is a level up pekin is 10/1/5 and is ahead in items. Zoe actually is a pretty balanced champ since you can only pop off on her if certain conditions are met.

  30. Luk0nos

    Luk0nosПре месец

    What the fuck's up son

  31. Michael

    MichaelПре месец

    Leee Sin

  32. FNC Samilegi

    FNC SamilegiПре месец


  33. Дмитрий Chaus

    Дмитрий ChausПре месец

    Hi coconut

  34. Escoribuela

    EscoribuelaПре месец

    He's Yassuo or Gripex??? Nobody knows :o

  35. Shuki•

    Shuki•Пре месец


  36. Ethan Joshi

    Ethan JoshiПре месец

    Holy fuck i cant stand when these guys go "OKAAAAYY" in that fake deep voice

  37. Iron Adventures EUW

    Iron Adventures EUWПре месец


  38. Fesji

    FesjiПре месец

    he didnt missed any q pog

  39. Bobby Shmurda

    Bobby ShmurdaПре месец

    yassuo cringe af

  40. Questionable Taste

    Questionable TasteПре месец

    Yassuo: *pops off* Also yassuo: *turret dives and dies* He will always be a yasuo main, they are just too similar.

  41. Megaman 2407

    Megaman 2407Пре месец

    @Lazzzed yeah because he a fucking yasuo main toxic until the end even if he try to hide it

  42. Lazzzed

    LazzzedПре месец

    @MishMash I'm pretty sure that won't happen anytime soon

  43. Reefer

    ReeferПре месец

    @MishMash lol

  44. Leland Helepiko

    Leland HelepikoПре месец

    @MishMash Do tell what happened?

  45. Ink 1nTle

    Ink 1nTleПре месец

    @MishMash kinda came out of nowhere

  46. يوسف طه كريم

    يوسف طه كريمПре месец

    Love you too baby I love you too much too too honey love you too too honey love love you too honey love you too too honey love you love love you too love honey love you too

  47. ตาเฮง

    ตาเฮงПре месец

    Where is gosu :(

  48. EnSide

    EnSideПре месец

    Hi coconut

  49. Flipflop

    FlipflopПре месец

    Hi @Pro Gamer ZRT

  50. Pro Gamer ZRT

    Pro Gamer ZRTПре месец

    HI jester

  51. Jester 11

    Jester 11Пре месец

    Hi chef kisht

  52. fast ex

    fast exПре месец

    @Serorla 17 Hi Serorla 17

  53. Serorla 17

    Serorla 17Пре месец

    Hi kriplaza !

  54. REAL ZED

    REAL ZEDПре месец

    1st :D

  55. Smick

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