BOMBA BABUS...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1544


  1. Ethan Joshi

    Ethan JoshiПре 8 дана

    This kaypea chick makes the same face and then says "that felt good" every single highlight

  2. dragonoyxd

    dragonoyxdПре 15 дана

    Kaypea looks a bit different. i think it's the hair

  3. Nightbringer Yasuo

    Nightbringer YasuoПре 19 дана

    Day 4 of trying to summon Yanni(LL Stylish)

  4. Anime slayer arabic

    Anime slayer arabicПре 15 дана

    What happen to him

  5. HarterPro

    HarterProПре 19 дана

    Последний момент ауф! 👆

  6. Nomad

    NomadПре 20 дана

    Nemesis Kayle lol

  7. Abolfazl

    AbolfazlПре 20 дана

    5:58 2000 iq to q that minion before q riven 👌

  8. Eric Kang

    Eric KangПре 20 дана

    0:40 Can we talk about Ezreal's arcane shift distance wtf?

  9. Julian Sanchez

    Julian SanchezПре 20 дана

    He also flashes. You can see the flash animation inside Yone’s R. Quiet tricky tho! Watch it in x0,25

  10. Wannnyy

    WannnyyПре 20 дана

    It's just not the same without grossiegore's inting

  11. Royal Piece

    Royal PieceПре 20 дана

    every arrowioi clip is hilarious

  12. Boss AF

    Boss AFПре 20 дана

    Please stop allowing yone clips, it's never cool or satisfying to watch it, unless he's feeding.

  13. Silvio Aguilar

    Silvio AguilarПре 20 дана

    I cant decide who is more cringe between arrow and that guy cookie something

  14. Yaj Snook

    Yaj SnookПре 21 дан

    the amount of resolve in the young man at 8:48 😂

  15. Jared Chapman

    Jared ChapmanПре 21 дан


  16. Whalex

    WhalexПре 21 дан

    can you please mute bob's clips, i can't take much more of his screaming

  17. Gonzalo Sellanes Niell

    Gonzalo Sellanes NiellПре 21 дан

    arrow is so cringe omg

  18. Cyxarik

    CyxarikПре 21 дан

    -WHY WOULD YOU, wHy.. ugh whatever.. LETS GO TEAM!!

  19. Brandon's Egg

    Brandon's EggПре 21 дан

    Sylas abusers montage

  20. Đorđe Kovačević

    Đorđe KovačevićПре 21 дан

    7:17 *kills 3/6 Rengar as fed Jax (also a counter)* "Im FuCkInG cRaCkEd BrOoOoO!1!1111!!!1"

  21. Lotso Lotte

    Lotso LotteПре 20 дана

    @VitamineC1603 if he was a rengar main he would know Jax doesn’t counter rengar, the clip was trash tho

  22. VitamineC1603

    VitamineC1603Пре 21 дан

    you are so biased dear Dekar fanboy

  23. vSultanx

    vSultanxПре 21 дан

    there is a song hi im coconut play it n the montage i remember the start of the song "you and me ....." lmk if u know it ty ^^

  24. Darker

    DarkerПре 21 дан

    Coconut can you stop using SRO clips? He's a huge pos and tells his viewers to off themselves if they say anything to him while he's mad. There is no reason for this dude to have a platform still the way he treats his viewers.

  25. Messuo

    MessuoПре 21 дан

    0:44 oh i was on the stream sheeesh

  26. KTO KNT

    KTO KNTПре 21 дан

    add pls merthos he skarner main

  27. TheRolemodel1337

    TheRolemodel1337Пре 21 дан

    0:04 hey Kaypea actually made a good play for once😁

  28. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре 21 дан


  29. Killer Queen

    Killer QueenПре 21 дан


  30. Houssam Bouich

    Houssam BouichПре 21 дан

    Would it help if I apologize 😂😂

  31. VBZ

    VBZПре 21 дан

    Бомба это бомба

  32. Ryan Du

    Ryan DuПре 21 дан

    There was so much more to the Tobias clip at 3:17 :(

  33. DeTkA227

    DeTkA227Пре 21 дан

    sub :)

  34. St op

    St opПре 21 дан

    Arrowioi has the funniest reactions

  35. BlueSnow

    BlueSnowПре 21 дан

    Wow, im fast, your videos are goods and funs

  36. Claw

    ClawПре 21 дан

    Baus just turned into a more drunk version of Gragas

  37. Yuhhhhhh

    YuhhhhhhПре 21 дан

    Miss the days when bobqin was cool. Now he's just a self-hype typical 1000000 decibels screaming streamer

  38. Behnam Moafy

    Behnam MoafyПре 21 дан


  39. Witch Hunter

    Witch HunterПре 21 дан


  40. Matias G.

    Matias G.Пре 21 дан


  41. Kai Sun

    Kai SunПре 21 дан

    7:50 i cant be the only one screaming biscuit

  42. Maciej Martinek

    Maciej MartinekПре 20 дана

    you aint bro, you aint the only one screaming biscuit. First thing when i saw this clip was biscuit scream in my minde.

  43. Kirby will end you free trial of life

    Kirby will end you free trial of lifeПре 21 дан

    Daily dose of coconut

  44. Pablo gil

    Pablo gilПре 21 дан

    Llevo varios años viendo este canal a estas horas de la madrugada.

  45. IceTeaDealer

    IceTeaDealerПре 21 дан

    Ep 1544 😱

  46. LordSkippy

    LordSkippyПре 21 дан

    Froggen: Lmfao Also him: -_-

  47. Bimbur

    BimburПре 21 дан

    0:04 Didn't know that Kaypea had a glow up

  48. Marc Gabuat

    Marc GabuatПре 20 дана

    My thoughts exactly. I had to pause at :7 seconds to see if anyone else thought the same 😂😂🙈

  49. Flop Harmony

    Flop HarmonyПре 21 дан

    Babus has always been my favorite e-girl

  50. tito el bambino

    tito el bambinoПре 21 дан

    no hablo ingles so uwu

  51. Sloppy Walrus

    Sloppy WalrusПре 21 дан

    babus stealing my bomba 😭

  52. Rolada13

    Rolada13Пре 21 дан


  53. jacob jiang

    jacob jiangПре 21 дан

    daddy chill

  54. [D-Kiwi] Angel

    [D-Kiwi] AngelПре 21 дан

    0:58 me when i run for 10 seconds

  55. Rodrigo Guimaraes

    Rodrigo GuimaraesПре 21 дан

    when i see the name babus i just click it

  56. Sheen

    SheenПре 20 дана

    @Jerry Yoshikage You are a weirdo man

  57. Jerry Yoshikage

    Jerry YoshikageПре 21 дан

    @Sheen "oh wow, someone enjoys something i don't, better call them cringe and tell them how shitty they are"

  58. Sheen

    SheenПре 21 дан


  59. Veicor Hungry

    Veicor HungryПре 21 дан


  60. Devon Rai

    Devon RaiПре 21 дан

    Perfect timing! I was bored as hell banging my head into my desk waiting for something to happen!

  61. Sinder

    SinderПре 21 дан

    Hey Coconut hope your having a good day! :D

  62. Fritz' Edit004

    Fritz' Edit004Пре 21 дан

    UwU, nc vid

  63. Sweather

    SweatherПре 21 дан


  64. TBHImDog

    TBHImDogПре 21 дан

    Great content as always!

  65. Tsukasa Yugi

    Tsukasa YugiПре 21 дан


  66. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 21 дан

    Yo coconut!