KS Level Jankos...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1550


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 11 дана


  2. Royal Piece

    Royal PieceПре 12 дана

    When you forget the outro...

  3. Dunk2G

    Dunk2GПре 12 дана

    8:56 nid was just flaming him for being 0-3 LMAO

  4. mohammad Mahmoodi

    mohammad MahmoodiПре 12 дана

    No outro

  5. XDeltaGXXD

    XDeltaGXXDПре 12 дана

    Jankos gaming

  6. Yuhhhhhh

    YuhhhhhhПре 12 дана

    Song at 0:44 ?

  7. Brendan Yu

    Brendan YuПре 12 дана

    2:51 that’s 4000 gold in 10 seconds that’s some massive stonks right there

  8. Agustin Martinez

    Agustin MartinezПре 9 дана

    And some gold for his teammates

  9. Dave Daroy

    Dave DaroyПре 12 дана


  10. Michał Błażkiewicz

    Michał BłażkiewiczПре 12 дана

    Moe looks like he overdosed Gfuel

  11. Luis Bonilla

    Luis BonillaПре 12 дана

    por eso nadie quiere al gracioso de yankos (jankos)

  12. Thượng Nguyễn

    Thượng NguyễnПре 12 дана

    Yo, 3 videos synapse = 1 video coconut, its too late

  13. Cole Sherwood

    Cole SherwoodПре 12 дана

    If I were ever on Jankos’ team I’d throw on purpose

  14. tamas kiss

    tamas kissПре 12 дана


  15. HeyThere LOL Time

    HeyThere LOL TimeПре 12 дана


  16. Funky

    FunkyПре 12 дана

    wait...no outro?

  17. Claudius Tse

    Claudius TseПре 12 дана

    7:07 thats clid from gen g btw loool

  18. mechanic kid

    mechanic kidПре 12 дана


  19. George Panagopoulos

    George PanagopoulosПре 12 дана

    7:40 elo?

  20. Niko

    NikoПре 12 дана

    I swear TF BLADE used to be good at this game, wonder what happened to him

  21. Mukund Krishnatrey

    Mukund KrishnatreyПре 12 дана

    All the clips being posted of him are misplays, I think he was above 1200 lp this season at some point too. Maybe these channels have some hate against him.

  22. MasterOfBepis

    MasterOfBepisПре 12 дана

    akali, jax, and irelia stopped being 200 years broken

  23. h i p s t e r g a r b a g e

    h i p s t e r g a r b a g eПре 12 дана

    I just want to say, every time I watch pink ward it seems like he is playing 5d chess while everyone else is still figuring out how to play checkers.

  24. Vini Kamikaze

    Vini KamikazeПре 12 дана


  25. JaNeKlmrw96

    JaNeKlmrw96Пре 12 дана

    jankos german genes kicked in

  26. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре 12 дана


  27. Dufitu

    DufituПре 12 дана

    8:52 He had stop watch :D

  28. Ludvig

    LudvigПре 12 дана

    Dzukill does the same every clip, boring honestly

  29. zenuubb

    zenuubbПре 12 дана

    clipped by solar bacca n my horrendous tryndamere

  30. Sonita Trinidad

    Sonita TrinidadПре 12 дана

    Nada como ver un video de Coconut a las 4 am XD

  31. Hugo Fierros

    Hugo FierrosПре 12 дана

    La hora perfecta xD

  32. Emerson Hart

    Emerson HartПре 12 дана

    Best Video on the web rn! we all love you coconut!!

  33. lone wolf

    lone wolfПре 12 дана

    dzukill just to good

  34. Kevin Angier

    Kevin AngierПре 12 дана

    A 5 and 9 pyke walks into a bar. He leaves 10 and 9 with 4k gold and another 2k for his team. WTF 2:43

  35. John Christofer Aguilar

    John Christofer AguilarПре 12 дана

    K S

  36. LxnelyWxlf

    LxnelyWxlfПре 12 дана

    hope everything is good with you coconut thx for video

  37. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре 12 дана


  38. Frédéric Duguay

    Frédéric DuguayПре 12 дана

    Waking up early for working and got this video. Its just perfect!

  39. Blindsidekiss

    BlindsidekissПре 12 дана


  40. ManOff

    ManOffПре 12 дана

    No Babus today :(

  41. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 12 дана

    Yo! Whats up again coconut!

  42. Morningstar

    MorningstarПре 12 дана

    First fuck

  43. Dimasadi Pras

    Dimasadi PrasПре 12 дана

    Love u coco

  44. Kwicht ㄨ

    Kwicht ㄨПре 12 дана


  45. Akis Dask

    Akis DaskПре 12 дана


  46. Morningstar

    MorningstarПре 12 дана


  47. Σπυρος Κουνδουρακης

    Σπυρος ΚουνδουρακηςПре 12 дана

    We back