Supports Who Sold Out Their Carries...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1540


  1. Marko Ercegovic

    Marko ErcegovicПре 15 дана

    8:10,what the hell happened to my sweet gripex....

  2. mate !

    mate !Пре 22 дана

    Tbh tyler was gonna aa the plant on his own anyways

  3. Dan

    DanПре 24 дана

    5:10 if he W E there he would have kill Ez

  4. Paweł D666A

    Paweł D666AПре 25 дана

    yooo, gripex still playing ?

  5. Zaphkiel  |  Arsen

    Zaphkiel | ArsenПре 25 дана

    does anyone remember what the song on the gripex play (around 8:15) is called?

  6. SØRØCk Dante

    SØRØCk DanteПре 25 дана

    4:28 worst shaco i ever saw

  7. SIKulanIT

    SIKulanITПре 25 дана


  8. Игорь Петренко

    Игорь ПетренкоПре 25 дана

    What's the name on the twitch of the guy who plays Caitlyn?

  9. Destroyer

    DestroyerПре 11 дана


  10. epicest

    epicestПре 25 дана

    did i just hear dzukill using his mic??

  11. Thượng Nguyễn

    Thượng NguyễnПре 25 дана

    0:09 Don't call the police, it is legal.

  12. Павел Нагорный

    Павел НагорныйПре 26 дана

    7:25 cringe girl

  13. Nathanael Zwygart

    Nathanael ZwygartПре 26 дана

    Can we start a fundraising for SRO so he can buy himself a new keyboard?

  14. Beast Hunter

    Beast HunterПре 26 дана

    can you help me to buy gaming pc :

  15. Isolated Shaco

    Isolated ShacoПре 26 дана

    4:50 how was this a play XD just bot enemies

  16. Cole Sherwood

    Cole SherwoodПре 26 дана

    Not a good riven play, not sure why he’s saying top diff?

  17. Federico

    FedericoПре 26 дана

    7:30 I despise every single Kat player, except Trin, I love her 👉🏻👈🏻

  18. Piero Cignetti

    Piero CignettiПре 25 дана

    @Federico lmao

  19. Federico

    FedericoПре 25 дана

    @Piero Cignetti I'm a simp

  20. Piero Cignetti

    Piero CignettiПре 25 дана

    Why, what makes her different?

  21. Psycho Kern

    Psycho KernПре 26 дана

    Old Tyler would get that player banned LOL

  22. League of Highlights

    League of HighlightsПре 26 дана

    3:45 The undercover sapling warriors 🤣🤣

  23. Otakar Macura

    Otakar MacuraПре 26 дана

    u had 4/5 ezreal had 1/7 its not worth :D 5:18

  24. Geovanny Carlos Tapia

    Geovanny Carlos TapiaПре 26 дана

    No llegué de los primeros estaba durmiendo 😭 por que estaba full volao con la weed I was not one of the first, I was sleeping 😭 because I was full blown with the weed 💓❣️🌱love coconut

  25. bigfuckin glizzy

    bigfuckin glizzyПре 26 дана

    9:25 boy didnt hit a single ability this fight

  26. Psycho Kern

    Psycho KernПре 26 дана

    And still won cuz cat=balanced and donger turrets=balanced

  27. Nhemo

    NhemoПре 26 дана

    ah yes the awesome play of a vayne top.

  28. Luke Abreu

    Luke AbreuПре 26 дана

    6:00 Thought he was looking at the stock market

  29. Azzam Andi

    Azzam AndiПре 26 дана

    Gripex lee is clean as always

  30. Official Kex

    Official KexПре 26 дана

    8:00 Tossed like a... Salad??? I mean I'm european and we do things different, but..What?

  31. Grasfh

    GrasfhПре 26 дана

    Its pretty common expression, (you toss a salad by mixing it around so that different ingredients are spread evenly) he said it because the dude got tossed around like you would an ingredient in a salad

  32. Svebiven

    SvebivenПре 26 дана

    god is na bad gameplay

  33. KTO KNT

    KTO KNTПре 26 дана

    add pls merthos he scarner main

  34. Kittitorn Duangduean

    Kittitorn DuangdueanПре 26 дана

    6:00 low elo high ego

  35. Aylan Aaaron

    Aylan AaaronПре 26 дана

    Bueno pues, mi codigo de kwai es:968293976

  36. Lawrence Dato

    Lawrence DatoПре 26 дана

    Thresh: Nademonyo ang aking kamay, gumalaw

  37. HaydeRogen Licup

    HaydeRogen LicupПре 26 дана


  38. Richardson Cabaluna

    Richardson CabalunaПре 26 дана

    "i kill them with my undercover sapling their!" shaco mains:first time?

  39. LordSkippy

    LordSkippyПре 26 дана

    leave it up to the streamers to miss everything and still win

  40. God0fTop

    God0fTopПре 26 дана

    3:10 "he is oneshotting me with 1 button" My man is literally auto attacking

  41. Køven

    KøvenПре 18 дана

    @Phantasmal but is the healing what saber is talking about ? :)

  42. Phantasmal

    PhantasmalПре 18 дана

    @Køven yet none of them would have healed for 40% of their health while doing so :)

  43. Køven

    KøvenПре 25 дана

    @123123123123 123123123123 Look at Syla's KDA and items before saying anything. 20mins, 3 items 14/2 Sylas. Any other mages wouldve one shotted Cait there too. :^)

  44. 123123123123 123123123123

    123123123123 123123123123Пре 26 дана

    Sylas players explaining how pressing one button to heal 90% of hp and deal massive damage is balanced.

  45. Phantasmal

    PhantasmalПре 26 дана

    Sylas with the point click 70% hp heal and mechanical champ xd

  46. Andres Castro

    Andres CastroПре 26 дана

    2:20 sett literally did all the work lOl

  47. Dunk2G

    Dunk2GПре 26 дана

    fr, i see a supp diff not a top diff in that clip

  48. Kirby will end you free trial of life

    Kirby will end you free trial of lifeПре 26 дана

    Daily dose of coconut

  49. Nadish Wostey

    Nadish WosteyПре 26 дана

    Why aren't you doing timestamps anymore?

  50. S I K I Y

    S I K I YПре 26 дана

    SRO back in Silver...classic

  51. a9ag

    a9agПре 26 дана

    @Darker The silver stuff is that lots of his videos are recorded on alternate accounts which he plays in around silver/gold elo. His main currently around diamond I think.

  52. andy1416

    andy1416Пре 26 дана

    @Darker no clue, I watched all 6 videos because I found them funny and he said he was diamond in one of the clips so idk where thats from. Maybe his team was just playing bad and looked like a silver

  53. Darker

    DarkerПре 26 дана

    @andy1416 Jeez didnt realize how big of a pos he is. What about the silver stuff tho?

  54. andy1416

    andy1416Пре 26 дана

    @Darker check out Azuresky, has like 6 compilations of him raging and banning his own viewers

  55. Darker

    DarkerПре 26 дана

    can someone explain?

  56. Niko

    NikoПре 26 дана

    Saber playing Caitlyn makes it feel like she is a fucking akali or something

  57. 럼블 학생

    럼블 학생Пре 26 дана

    Hi coconut!!

  58. Ahmed Abou ElKassem

    Ahmed Abou ElKassemПре 26 дана

    Liked the vid even before watching

  59. Jeppe

    JeppeПре 26 дана

    How you do it 🤣

  60. Oskar Brzezicki

    Oskar BrzezickiПре 26 дана


  61. Thông

    ThôngПре 26 дана


  62. Emmanueldavid Mahinay7

    Emmanueldavid Mahinay7Пре 26 дана


  63. Marcos Herrera

    Marcos HerreraПре 26 дана

    SIUUUU 15 segundos xd

  64. Luca Landriel

    Luca LandrielПре 26 дана

    Very good video (?

  65. Myko Jefferson Javier

    Myko Jefferson JavierПре 26 дана


  66. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 26 дана

    Early squads here

  67. Vincent Palinar

    Vincent PalinarПре 26 дана