Yassuo 's Back...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1526


  1. Atomic Waste

    Atomic WasteПре месец

    what about his back?

  2. Stephen Gunkel

    Stephen GunkelПре месец

    moe gets a triple that any iron player can get because he's 4 levels ahead and super fed....... normies: "OMG YASSUO IS SO BACK HOLY SHIT"

  3. Hayrettin AKDAŞ

    Hayrettin AKDAŞПре месец

    Yasuo az önce rassengan mı dedi Naruto çalıntı oyun

  4. CriluElCRAKK fovere!

    CriluElCRAKK fovere!Пре месец

    2:17 What is the name of the song?

  5. Polák Jindřich

    Polák JindřichПре месец


  6. Romoslayer

    RomoslayerПре месец

    5:10 I like how I knew what was going to happen before it happened

  7. Greentown

    GreentownПре месец

    garen players xD

  8. thai sun_

    thai sun_Пре месец

    Ladies and gentlemen Yassuo is back for the 10th time

  9. JajaCesar Pacheco

    JajaCesar PachecoПре месец


  10. RyouTheMad

    RyouTheMadПре месец

    showing "highlight" and/or "outplay" of somebody who is already fed is like boasting about having abs when you're super skinny, or big boobs because you're fat

  11. Seba Gab

    Seba GabПре месец

    killed 3 with luden XD

  12. ectixe

    ectixeПре месец

    5:10 garen players

  13. verysmolfrog

    verysmolfrogПре месец

    4:41 there is no way those Yone Q's hit!! The sword isn't even ON Renekton!! Reason 482 why I hate Yasuo and Yone ._.

  14. Edward Asens

    Edward AsensПре месец

    He's back he miss his basic e q before ult. Only doing e and ult

  15. burak kum

    burak kumПре месец

    old dancing outro pleasee



    did riot still not yet fix the goddamn icon when you get triple kill or more

  17. Boomer British Vampire

    Boomer British VampireПре месец

    10:36 Irelia mains be like Our champion is weak

  18. Pokey Clawz

    Pokey ClawzПре месец

    2:58 call an ambulance, but not for me

  19. BPR

    BPRПре месец

    3:21 This guy doesn't know how to config the mic sound or what? So annoying

  20. Kyle Cantley

    Kyle CantleyПре месец

    8:03 when you don't know German but you try to fake it

  21. Cody Velardo

    Cody VelardoПре месец

    great job on the video

  22. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец

    In ur dreams

  23. Daiki Kaito

    Daiki KaitoПре месец

    why yassuo always miss E+Q combo when ult...

  24. jose abraham camacho arce

    jose abraham camacho arceПре месец

    that miautilus...

  25. Zsolt Mlinkó

    Zsolt MlinkóПре месец

    Why did the turret not hit tyler1? o.O 3:38

  26. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре месец


  27. Youssef Tarek

    Youssef TarekПре месец

    1:35 I'm sorry but that mouse wasn't where that q landed at all! XD

  28. Itay N

    Itay NПре месец

    That wasn't even a good play, he missed the combo and only won brcause he was fed lmao and it was o a smurf too so it'e not surprising that he is fed

  29. Hookseykins

    HookseykinsПре месец

    Yuumi waits until both of her teammates are dead to exhaust

  30. Fatih Sarıboğa

    Fatih SarıboğaПре месец

    How can i change names in game with real character game i mean Garen is Garen, irelia is irelia ect.

  31. Mephistopheles

    MephistophelesПре месец

    4:42 how is he so good with those super max range Qs

  32. Harsh Rao

    Harsh RaoПре месец

    ikr I thought he missed both as well 😕

  33. oğuzhan karakaş

    oğuzhan karakaşПре месец

    Is everyone on na otp or what

  34. yzal yob

    yzal yobПре месец

    8:40 the scream

  35. Claw

    ClawПре месец

    When moe "comes back" every other day lmao

  36. Xskull & Dr. Skull

    Xskull & Dr. SkullПре месец

    @Lode LIZON its bc that wasd on his plat low diamond acc

  37. Claw

    ClawПре месец

    @Lode LIZON 0/10 Powerspike BAYYBEEEEE

  38. Lode LIZON

    Lode LIZONПре месец

    Everytime he plays yas and doesnt int. Its not so frequent

  39. rirago mago

    rirago magoПре месец

    Saber is cringe

  40. José Alejandro Moreno

    José Alejandro MorenoПре месец

    What happen to Stylish?

  41. Henrik.

    Henrik.Пре месец

    @Mimson lmao

  42. Mimson

    MimsonПре месец

    hes sad bcs candice died

  43. meditasia

    meditasiaПре месец

    Welcome to today daily dose of league of legends with your host coconut

  44. Courage

    CourageПре месец

    Is Yassuo so washed up that whenever he finally makes a nice play he's "back?"

  45. Itay N

    Itay NПре месец

    It wasn't even a nice play, he messed up the combo

  46. Younes

    YounesПре месец

    I miss the game, it's been 2 years, guys, i need to stay focus.

  47. Younes

    YounesПре месец

    @ithildiess Not really, but my PC is ruined and it's better that i can't play lol anymore cuz i was toxic.

  48. ithildiess

    ithildiessПре месец

    just play casually. 2 times a week or smthing but i guess yours was a kind of addiction that you cant stop?

  49. Rtfusion garfield

    Rtfusion garfieldПре месец

    2:45 is it just me or that double dash sound from lucian is just so satisfing

  50. Franta Molin

    Franta MolinПре месец

    Love that Yassuos ingame name is Perkz Son, cause he also is a dirty fucking inter.

  51. Jear Pineda

    Jear PinedaПре месец


  52. DeadHawk

    DeadHawkПре месец

    5:20 If you go frame by frame it's just shitty naut Q doing it's fuckery

  53. Sarah Kjellberg

    Sarah KjellbergПре месец

    That shaco play was sickkk

  54. Sarah Kjellberg

    Sarah KjellbergПре месец

    @ShadderG it’s Kocare.s ... my insta

  55. ShadderG

    ShadderGПре месец

    @Sarah Kjellberg u should give me Ur insta or gamertag so i can add u then

  56. ShadderG

    ShadderGПре месец

    @Sarah Kjellberg yessir

  57. Sarah Kjellberg

    Sarah KjellbergПре месец

    @ShadderG And I main Yasuo (1 mil points) if you wanna duo tell me

  58. Sarah Kjellberg

    Sarah KjellbergПре месец

    @ShadderG Thanks... and I am a girl tho

  59. Ben Yeung

    Ben YeungПре месец

    No more yassuo again

  60. Nicolás Alberto

    Nicolás AlbertoПре месец

    Viva España

  61. Fairy Gildarts

    Fairy GildartsПре месец

    Finally what I've been waiting for everyday BTW I love you Hi I'm Coconut

  62. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре месец

    feliz jueves :3


    K1NG F0RSAKENПре месец

    Here earlyy wow

  64. snorlax1921

    snorlax1921Пре месец

    4th comment 😎

  65. Ivan Martinez

    Ivan MartinezПре месец


  66. Laith Alhabash

    Laith AlhabashПре месец


  67. Rumeau Cesar

    Rumeau CesarПре месец

    No one : Xfsn saber's keyboard : *crying* 0:30

  68. Rumeau Cesar

    Rumeau CesarПре месец

    @the better asian LMAO TRUE

  69. Tsukasa Yugi

    Tsukasa YugiПре месец


  70. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    Nice upload coconut :D

  71. Jakub Záškodný

    Jakub ZáškodnýПре месец