Why League Players HATE Teemo..Tyler1 Pentakill...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1535


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 11 дана


  2. dragonoyxd

    dragonoyxdПре 16 дана

    I would have stole that t1 penta just to tilt him 🥸

  3. WLV_Reaper

    WLV_ReaperПре 18 дана

    5:12 the most autistic pick in league for years

  4. FaFnir

    FaFnirПре 29 дана

    Music from 4:45?

  5. FaFnir

    FaFnirПре 29 дана

    What the music? 4:45

  6. Coolio 0

    Coolio 0Пре месец

    Kind of a click bait picture, thought it was Tyler playing Teemo.

  7. Hamish Thompson

    Hamish ThompsonПре месец

    4:46 "like shootin' fish in a barrel"- Mcree

  8. prezes

    prezesПре месец

    Music from 10:20?

  9. Mephistopheles

    MephistophelesПре месец

    11:00 yes the OG

  10. Jacky Lee

    Jacky LeeПре месец

    dang feelsbad every time theres a clip of midbeast its a fail clip

  11. Shadow Shinigami Kox

    Shadow Shinigami KoxПре месец

    whats the point of showing clips of this dogshit wukong otp harambe?

  12. Slimeproject

    SlimeprojectПре месец

    Seeing Tyler1 making a power move on draven already tells me to lower the volume of the video

  13. Luan Costa Pereira

    Luan Costa PereiraПре месец

    10:23 kek top 1 EUW

  14. samir

    samirПре месец

    7:50 how he ping sona alive while she is dead ! and why he pinging her anyway !

  15. samir

    samirПре месец

    @Chatoozy yeaaah .. i didn't see it lol thx

  16. Chatoozy

    ChatoozyПре месец

    he is pinging viego

  17. Luka Cvijetic

    Luka CvijeticПре месец

    Yo but the skill of turning on the lamp for the highlight was the nastiest part of that penta. Mad respect

  18. I’m Nobody

    I’m NobodyПре месец

    Why is that Harambe guy playing on 70fps lol

  19. SemiAuto Duck

    SemiAuto DuckПре месец

    All midbeast’s clips are either sylas dying horribly or Qiyana deleting health bars

  20. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре месец


  21. LordSkippy

    LordSkippyПре месец

    **MidBeast flashes for lulu** Me: okay he better kill her. **MidBeast still dies** Me: ....... lol

  22. Jack Fan

    Jack FanПре месец

    Wow a zwag clip, too bad he's playing in gold

  23. Bishop Towns

    Bishop TownsПре месец

    Gotta say with that Zwag quad that is infinitely more earned than a Karthus dying, pressing r and getting a quad. At least with Teemo you have to place the shrooms before you AFK

  24. santiago FS

    santiago FSПре месец

    Hi CoCo

  25. Nalog za doubleaim

    Nalog za doubleaimПре месец

    draven getting penta is equal beating 3 month child

  26. Antoine Lemercier

    Antoine LemercierПре месец

    We saw Noway and Baus plays during rivals against fr team but in the end the fr team won lol tournament !!

  27. Funky

    FunkyПре месец

    i love teemo

  28. mike

    mikeПре месец

    synapse has better clips and longer vids this page sucks xd

  29. Med Omezzine

    Med OmezzineПре месец

    No one told you to spread your dam opinion and then why the fck are you even here

  30. Death

    DeathПре месец

    One word "Satan"

  31. v0ren Firer

    v0ren FirerПре месец

    just imagine getting fedd for doing nothing

  32. Norvy

    NorvyПре 27 дана

    I mean considering it's zwag he's probably playing in low plat and people dont buy control wards

  33. wukk

    wukkПре месец

    why does midbeast not use pots at 5:50 lol, would have lived

  34. Momma

    MommaПре месец

    Nah the burn hurts so much the potion wouldnt keep up but yeah dont see why not try

  35. Zachi Delumpa

    Zachi DelumpaПре месец

    Great team on T1's Pentakill!

  36. Sơn Hà Đào

    Sơn Hà ĐàoПре месец

    The nunu was a t1 fanboy, he asked t1 to take his red lvl 1

  37. C9 Sneaky champ

    C9 Sneaky champПре месец

    It's been a long time since i see a panunulol clip here.

  38. KingofKings

    KingofKingsПре 22 дана

    Tbh he is a onetrick Gragas and its the Same combo everytime. Ist gets boring

  39. Marlon Cruz

    Marlon CruzПре месец

    Where did ll stylish go ?

  40. Hattøri Hanzo

    Hattøri HanzoПре месец

    Good times

  41. Adonus Chatman

    Adonus ChatmanПре месец

    I forgot how scary T1's Draven was......

  42. Abby Lux

    Abby LuxПре месец

    Hope everyone is having a great day. Edit: love your videos Coco

  43. Wiktor Wasielewski

    Wiktor WasielewskiПре месец

    Amazing way to start holidays

  44. Defrenb65

    Defrenb65Пре месец

    Hi coconut I always watch your videos, i love them all, u are just amazing giving this content to us, nice day and be waiting tomorrow's episode Love U

  45. Samuel Talop

    Samuel TalopПре месец

    Always on time Coconut!

  46. Patrick

    PatrickПре месец

    Have a Nice day

  47. Tomáš Zavadil

    Tomáš ZavadilПре месец

    I turned 18 today and I'm watching this drunk

  48. GOAT morant

    GOAT morantПре 9 дана

    @Lazzzed try beer or something like that for the first time

  49. Lazzzed

    LazzzedПре месец

    @Tomáš Zavadil holy sht, I think I better stick to colas then 😂

  50. Tomáš Zavadil

    Tomáš ZavadilПре месец

    @Lazzzed some tastes like hand sanitizer

  51. Shiro Yozora

    Shiro YozoraПре месец

    @Lazzzed sometimes nail polish

  52. Lazzzed

    LazzzedПре месец

    What does alchol taste like tho, I'm turning 18 in a matter of months

  53. ethano991

    ethano991Пре месец

    i’m early

  54. Hugo o96

    Hugo o96Пре месец

    1:35 ok dude he is pretending thats weird

  55. Mathias Thorsen

    Mathias ThorsenПре месец

    Tyler could fairely easy reach chally again as adc if he wanted to. What a beast.

  56. DiNGo

    DiNGoПре месец

    Chad teemo dances in jungle while getting a quadra kill without doing anything

  57. Batu

    BatuПре месец

    @Bumble Birb yeah, that, and the fact that he isn't doing anything was hilarious. I'm telling you he isn't doing anything!!

  58. Bumble Birb

    Bumble BirbПре месец

    have you mentioned he wasnt doing anything? because im pretty sure he wasnt doing anything

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    Hi! Good evening

  61. Ryze

    RyzeПре месец

    Not first : DD

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  63. Scott

    ScottПре месец

    LETS GO!

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