Here's HIGH LEVEL FIRST BLOOD SET-UP in KR Rank...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1542


  1. Jacob Miller

    Jacob MillerПре 6 дана

    He meant to ward but he didn’t even have stealth wards lmao

  2. zecto69

    zecto69Пре 17 дана

    that nidalee play omg

  3. Nesidan

    NesidanПре 20 дана

    4:45 ward with oracles?

  4. ömer şakir

    ömer şakirПре 21 дан

    league of tryndamere

  5. Mat3uszzz

    Mat3uszzzПре 22 дана

    stop posting king_nidhogg, he is playing vs silvers on smurfs acc

  6. Michael Navarro

    Michael NavarroПре 23 дана

    why does nidhogg abuse his keeb like that :o

  7. Aj

    AjПре 22 дана

    Heard someone say he uses wasd for camera

  8. Angel Pereira

    Angel PereiraПре 23 дана

    hay uno q me pone nervioso, le da muy fuerte al teclado

  9. Daa En

    Daa EnПре 23 дана

    8:47 maybe this guy playing well, but his fast and loud CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK is so annoying!

  10. Joonyong Park

    Joonyong ParkПре 23 дана

    리그오브레전드스토리북 받아가세요 👍

  11. Francisco

    FranciscoПре 23 дана

    Clean irelia af

  12. كاستر 0

    كاستر 0Пре 23 дана

    man why ur chanel have so much ADS? sorry i have to use ad block.

  13. andreas carstens

    andreas carstensПре 23 дана

    Nidhogg has a apm of 800 or something xd

  14. Rami

    RamiПре 23 дана

    Why all streamers I respected are playing tryndamere

  15. Ian Ohlsson

    Ian OhlssonПре 23 дана

    Yooo wings of death with the LoZ recorchestration!!

  16. Aaron Gutierrez

    Aaron GutierrezПре 23 дана

    Ew get rid of the like and subscribe in the bottom right blocks cams in some clips

  17. Mikołaj Królik

    Mikołaj KrólikПре 23 дана

    Too much tryndaaids in the play for me too enjoy it

  18. iHurt

    iHurtПре 23 дана

    4:40 whats worse is that he has oracles

  19. big cevu

    big cevuПре 23 дана

    Mid beast is the dumbest guy for sure

  20. Skyplo

    SkyploПре 23 дана

    3:04 this Yummi is god

  21. staydon shepherd

    staydon shepherdПре 23 дана

    Nice outro transition

  22. mysticcalm

    mysticcalmПре 23 дана

    so many trynd clips ... i hate trynd i dont know how to deal with his constant splitpushing as an adc

  23. Grotesque

    GrotesqueПре 23 дана

    Everyone playing trynda now ?

  24. VaLoK

    VaLoKПре 23 дана

    Is no one gonna talk about that nid outplay like holy understand how good that was

  25. Jesús Gomez

    Jesús GomezПре 23 дана

    The keyboard and mouse clics sounds disgusting to me

  26. Nightbringer Yasuo

    Nightbringer YasuoПре 23 дана

    Day 2 of trying to summon Yanni(LL Stylish)

  27. Snoopy 13

    Snoopy 13Пре 23 дана

    Why is everyone playing trynd now it’s kinda gay

  28. Sebastian Muñoz

    Sebastian MuñozПре 23 дана


  29. Skandallo LoL Highlights

    Skandallo LoL HighlightsПре 23 дана

    2:09 Luxx with the clutch ult :D

  30. Shadow Shinigami Kox

    Shadow Shinigami KoxПре 22 дана

    boosted ewhore playing egirl champ with overtuned spell kit.. wow so good? xd

  31. Nags

    NagsПре 23 дана

    8:50 I'm not focusing on how he escaped that I'm focusing on the sound of keyboard and his mouse

  32. NineTailsOneHole

    NineTailsOneHoleПре 22 дана

    @Edwin L damn never noticed that xD

  33. Edwin L

    Edwin LПре 23 дана

    @Hamed Mosavi nidhog uses WASD to move his camera instead of his mouse, that's why there's a lot more key smashing

  34. Hamed Mosavi

    Hamed MosaviПре 23 дана

    but i assume he press fake key for views and shit i mean cmon look at the end of clip he just smash 7 or 8 keys for what just moving 2cm?

  35. Hasbrogaming//HSBGaming

    Hasbrogaming//HSBGamingПре 23 дана


  36. David Mosciszko

    David MosciszkoПре 23 дана

    nidhogg nidalee play was insane he played that flawless

  37. League of Highlights

    League of HighlightsПре 23 дана

    10:20 sanch slapped them real hard

  38. Chocolate Thunder

    Chocolate ThunderПре 23 дана

    9:50 you're telling me a 4/11 sett almost killed a 9/5 yorick by diving him?

  39. Chocolate Thunder

    Chocolate ThunderПре 23 дана

    @RejuvinatedGhost :D he did idk why I didn’t see it

  40. RejuvinatedGhost :D

    RejuvinatedGhost :DПре 23 дана

    @Chocolate Thunder Yeah, that's why lethality Yorick isn't good. Any juggernaut just beats it. Also didn't Sett have hullbreaker?

  41. Chocolate Thunder

    Chocolate ThunderПре 23 дана

    @RejuvinatedGhost :D sett only had BORK completed yet he was able to tank his dmg and the dmg from Yorick (albeit the Yorick dmg wasn’t much)

  42. RejuvinatedGhost :D

    RejuvinatedGhost :DПре 23 дана

    To be fair it's lethality Yorick, which is pretty bad. It's basically a juggernaut vs an inefficient assasin

  43. dreamscarletdevil

    dreamscarletdevilПре 23 дана

    this is why sett is my permaban lol

  44. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре 23 дана


  45. Boris R Garcés R

    Boris R Garcés RПре 23 дана

    nice ending xd

  46. sideman dez

    sideman dezПре 23 дана

    idk why i expected macaiyla to start yelling like tyler

  47. Loyal 2310

    Loyal 2310Пре 23 дана

    Do you speak korean ? Me: ofc i do Also me: 1.21

  48. Mr. Posh

    Mr. PoshПре 23 дана

    I loved the ending of the video. Being able to listen to the song a bit more is nice. Also I've been watching every video for like 2 weeks now, great effort and it makes me happy, that some of the clips I made make it into the video, mainly from noway4u. Keep up the great work!!

  49. Dariusz Krzascik

    Dariusz KrzascikПре 23 дана

    Im also in love with this channel Come watch KATALIEN he is a god

  50. Val Chris

    Val ChrisПре 23 дана

    1:22 every korean stream

  51. Constantin Denis

    Constantin DenisПре 23 дана

    0:44 that heca is crying

  52. MollyTsunami

    MollyTsunamiПре 23 дана

    Every clip I see of midbeast is him just inting lmao

  53. The Pyke Son

    The Pyke SonПре 23 дана

    U used to get it

  54. League of Highlights

    League of HighlightsПре 23 дана

    That’s the Midbeast classic🤣

  55. Axel W.

    Axel W.Пре 23 дана

    Does anyone knows the song at 03:45 ?

  56. Royal Piece

    Royal PieceПре 23 дана

    Perfect trynd montage!

  57. Rui Rodrigues

    Rui RodriguesПре 23 дана

    4:45 he didnt even had wards, he had oracle ahaha 😂😂

  58. Rui Rodrigues

    Rui RodriguesПре 23 дана

    Didn't saw he had t, I dont use t...

  59. Duke

    DukeПре 23 дана

    t and 5 are pretty close on the keyboard (he had a control ward)

  60. baSh

    baShПре 23 дана

    Whole video is trynd clips smh

  61. Ens4

    Ens4Пре 23 дана

    why so many Tryndamere clip lol

  62. Weston Zong

    Weston ZongПре 23 дана

    The Polypuff clip is him playing a normal match on NA though? LMAO

  63. Liam

    LiamПре 23 дана


  64. Geovanny Carlos Tapia

    Geovanny Carlos TapiaПре 23 дана

    Good video bro Buenos humos 🌱🌱🌱🌱cuando veo tus videos parecen películas bien echas jaja buenos videos

  65. Random Tips

    Random TipsПре 23 дана

    5:30am here in Philippines

  66. EzGame

    EzGameПре 23 дана

    08:50 its like " im fast as f boiiii"

  67. Claw

    ClawПре 23 дана

    Good LvL 1 invades are the greatest thing haha

  68. Maddog s

    Maddog sПре 23 дана

    What's with the sheer amount of tryndamere clips? It's all just press R and spin-auto, not exactly interesting

  69. Abe Buckingham

    Abe BuckinghamПре 23 дана

    Tryndamere started to become popular after Nemesis started using him in Korea. Sometimes the meta shifts on a whim like that.

  70. EyesReye

    EyesReyeПре 23 дана

    It's better than Katarina clips, all they do is roll their fcking head over the keyboard and get a penta kill.

  71. Aoi

    AoiПре 23 дана

    Trynda finally got the spotlight,man. don't hate. It will die eventually.

  72. fast ex

    fast exПре 23 дана

    Nice transition at the end :))

  73. ginko

    ginkoПре 23 дана

    hell yeah i noticed too

  74. Kabera

    KaberaПре 23 дана

    Good night from egypt

  75. Javier Rios

    Javier RiosПре 23 дана

    I didn't know kayla was that good actually

  76. Bill Nye

    Bill NyeПре 23 дана


  77. StEpBrO iM sTuCk

    StEpBrO iM sTuCkПре 23 дана

    Hey Bro pls keep it up u make our day better. Appreciate ur work🙏👍

  78. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре 23 дана

    Hi :3

  79. Arda Arıkan

    Arda ArıkanПре 23 дана

    Good night from EU

  80. Reli

    ReliПре 23 дана

    give me a heart, coco uwu

  81. Bedir Burak AÇIKKAPI

    Bedir Burak AÇIKKAPIПре 23 дана


  82. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 23 дана

    Hi! Good morning from Philippines

  83. Yuzen

    YuzenПре 23 дана

    @Alj_87 Alj_87 okay, good night to you :-)

  84. Alj_87 Alj_87

    Alj_87 Alj_87Пре 23 дана

    Good night from uae :)

  85. Chems Dzz

    Chems DzzПре 23 дана

    Hop liked

  86. Penta R2D2

    Penta R2D2Пре 23 дана

    1st 🥰