D CANE! LoL Daily Moments Ep 1528


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 12 дана


  2. Daniel Wagner

    Daniel WagnerПре месец

    The evanescent cardboard simulteneously amuse because screw especially fool for a elite cello. frantic, capable blizzard

  3. choogle

    choogleПре месец

    9:50 this ashe is pretty cracked ngl

  4. Yuuhei Satellite

    Yuuhei SatelliteПре месец

    what is this song at 12:00?

  5. Kinzeh

    KinzehПре месец

    Can anyone explain why @3:33 is special? Lmao

  6. Kevin Alexander Martinez

    Kevin Alexander MartinezПре месец

    i see clips that aren`t so good... but, okay, only "pros" can be in HIC vids. nice

  7. kushurox TW

    kushurox TWПре месец


  8. Muhteşem Kanal

    Muhteşem KanalПре месец

    Omg my favorite lol player is nemesis now

  9. Sephiroth s

    Sephiroth sПре месец


  10. Cole Sherwood

    Cole SherwoodПре месец

    AP is disgusting

  11. iHurt

    iHurtПре месец

    11:47 When your homies are good at league and you see them online.

  12. Lidio Braimllari

    Lidio BraimllariПре месец

    stop this cringe ass "im alive" when your score is 58/0/0. Its really annoying

  13. SkyBreaker

    SkyBreakerПре месец

    Everything black gave sanch some ratirl kiting skills

  14. Ali Yazji

    Ali YazjiПре месец

    6:46 what is this lux skin never seen it before

  15. Azelyn Hirano

    Azelyn HiranoПре месец

    Elementalist Lux Dark Form



    What is D cane?

  17. Bo Pisanki

    Bo PisankiПре месец

    Drug dealers on snapchat be like 11:48

  18. AsianNewbie

    AsianNewbieПре месец

    Akali is such a dumbass champ LMAO.

  19. zZz Diastey

    zZz DiasteyПре месец

    Okay but why is midbeast kinda hot there

  20. Juuzou

    JuuzouПре месец

    Is there a reason why Faker is never in your videos?

  21. Claw

    ClawПре месец

    Tyler is mutating into all the Toplaners lmao

  22. Marcineska2000

    Marcineska2000Пре месец

    6:55 "mechanical god" he literally missed 3 q XD

  23. Lode LIZON

    Lode LIZONПре месец

    @Dominiorrr ever heard something called irony ?

  24. Filippo Cioccolanti

    Filippo CioccolantiПре месец

    On an invis enemy

  25. Qai

    QaiПре месец

    @Dominiorrr lmao, ratirl is one of the most self deprecating streamers out there fucking know-it-alls

  26. Azelyn Hirano

    Azelyn HiranoПре месец

    @Dominiorrr He doesn't even play Yone usually

  27. Der Langsame

    Der LangsameПре месец

    But how broken is my champ

  28. Deus vult

    Deus vultПре месец

    4:25 Tarzaned sub sound KEKW

  29. casper

    casperПре месец

    Mid beast is kaddem's brother from another mother

  30. Mario

    MarioПре месец

    11:47 idk but i think he's online guys

  31. Hi ImSonny

    Hi ImSonnyПре месец

    11:55 me when my friend keeps telling me to go online

  32. Sambamilk

    SambamilkПре месец

    1:48 easily the cringest comms i've ever heard lol

  33. Bill Cosby

    Bill CosbyПре месец

    That was just….normal comms

  34. Raynan Titoneli

    Raynan TitoneliПре месец


  35. Samuel U

    Samuel UПре месец

    now...he never forgets.

  36. Nekosaki Krocchi

    Nekosaki KrocchiПре месец

    Is grave mid a meta now?

  37. tasty cheesecake

    tasty cheesecakeПре 20 дана

    it was at the start of the season

  38. We r

    We rПре месец

    Not really

  39. papi cheikh

    papi cheikhПре месец

    Everytime i feel bad about LoL i just think about Midbeast and suddenly I’m Allright ☺️

  40. Nekosaki Krocchi

    Nekosaki KrocchiПре месец

    Ikr.. he is cute

  41. Merciiless

    MerciilessПре месец

    something about tyler saying "D CANE!" feels so wrong but so right at the same time

  42. saaane lan

    saaane lanПре месец

    10:47 Midbeastffs inting strat

  43. REAL ZED

    REAL ZEDПре месец

    Nice video


    STELLA SIMONEПре месец

    porco dioooooooooooo

  45. k3jek

    k3jekПре месец

    Wow, Froggen's Irelia outplay was soooooooo unexpected =D =D

  46. JcoopinNeWYork

    JcoopinNeWYorkПре месец

    fr back home u p o shit xD hahahah

  47. michael

    michaelПре месец


  48. Antonio Vergotti

    Antonio VergottiПре месец


  49. Nie Wiem Kurde

    Nie Wiem KurdeПре месец

    Petition to remove gamergirl from highlights, cringe guy and broken champion

  50. gfferthgss

    gfferthgssПре месец


  51. Efe Çabuk

    Efe ÇabukПре месец


  52. Fiku

    FikuПре месец

    wow fiku so sexy so good owwowoowowowow

  53. Dori Ah

    Dori AhПре месец

    0:50 how do i make my game look like that

  54. StevenCraft

    StevenCraftПре месец

    I love this channel

  55. Lothbrook23

    Lothbrook23Пре месец


  56. Syke Don

    Syke DonПре месец

    Good night, its 01:17 o'clock here

  57. Lucifer Eune

    Lucifer EuneПре месец

    i fcking love tobias fate xD

  58. mene

    meneПре месец

    here in italy d cane means DIO CANE

  59. Diego Bojaca

    Diego BojacaПре месец


  60. itskurama

    itskuramaПре месец


  61. Abdul Basit

    Abdul BasitПре месец

    Give ur league account name below if u are in eune ...

  62. Ali Hany

    Ali HanyПре месец

    Hi iam tyler1

  63. return2 monke

    return2 monkeПре месец

    ok tyler1

  64. Kryštof Barta

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  65. Just Alex

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  66. Tomás Velázquez

    Tomás VelázquezПре месец

    0:39 grafitoo *-*

  67. Snow Man

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  68. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    Hi! Good morning

  69. Master JAX

    Master JAXПре месец

    okay peenoi

  70. Remon Fawzy

    Remon FawzyПре месец

    Good morning kanye

  71. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    ​@Filip Široký Well its 6:39 Am in South East Asia right now

  72. Filip Široký

    Filip ŠirokýПре месец

    It's midnight wdym

  73. Matias

    MatiasПре месец

    Hola coco xd

  74. Rumeau Cesar

    Rumeau CesarПре месец

    D Kayn Tho

  75. Thiago Mendoza

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