Hunter Beast...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1532


  1. KTO KNT

    KTO KNTПре 27 дана

    add pls merthos he scarner main

  2. Αντώνης Γ.

    Αντώνης Γ.Пре месец


  3. Behnam Moafy

    Behnam MoafyПре месец

    Why beat on tumnail

  4. CafeSuaDaddy

    CafeSuaDaddyПре месец

    Stop posting Yamikaze, he's so fking cringe

  5. Vincent

    VincentПре месец

    Tf abusing broken champs, as always

  6. sick 4 ever

    sick 4 everПре месец

    5:15 whats the name of the ost ?

  7. sick 4 ever

    sick 4 everПре месец

    @Νίκος Ζωχιός thanks !!!

  8. Νίκος Ζωχιός

    Νίκος ΖωχιόςПре месец

    Nasa rack-saske

  9. Hugo Barbotin

    Hugo BarbotinПре месец

    trayton grosse merde 2:30

  10. George Krieris

    George KrierisПре месец


  11. Yuhhhhhh

    YuhhhhhhПре месец

    midbeast is literally just trolling for content at this point :/

  12. RAY X

    RAY XПре месец


  13. Catalin Rus

    Catalin RusПре месец

    Mid beast is so trash, like 24/7

  14. Huean Cruz

    Huean CruzПре месец

    int beast

  15. Juan Ramos

    Juan RamosПре месец

    Every T1 clip is gold

  16. Mephistopheles

    MephistophelesПре месец

    7:05 did rengar literally just walked on those jack on the box he saw with lens?

  17. Bob Bib

    Bob BibПре месец

    That's pinkwards passive, he increases the chromosomes of all enemies around him

  18. AkameGaSimp

    AkameGaSimpПре месец

    2:35 how does that e ever hit rumble there

  19. saftmixer des todes

    saftmixer des todesПре месец

    the thumbnail says "hunter beats" lole

  20. Hiiightz

    HiiightzПре месец

    5:35 he could kill all then finish with ez lawl

  21. Epic One Hour Music

    Epic One Hour MusicПре месец

    Viewers d'alderiate : 2:19 TraYtoN se fait détruire par thebausffs, très sad

  22. Hichem Bahloul

    Hichem BahloulПре месец

    guys anone knows the song name 4;50

  23. MonoVolos 1

    MonoVolos 1Пре месец

    Rack x Saske - NASA

  24. Alexandre MARGOLIS

    Alexandre MARGOLISПре месец

    I dont get it why is midbeast so bad at qiyana it's like he never played the champ he's a really good player at macro play but on mechanics all I see is int it's like he knows what he wants to do but cant make it happen irl

  25. 5HaCO

    5HaCOПре месец


  26. Flop Harmony

    Flop HarmonyПре месец

    10:50 trundle didn't q tower, he canceled his auto by pressing q. Trundle just did very little dmg, he failed his auto cancel.

  27. Vito Corleone

    Vito CorleoneПре месец

    4:49 comp listening to NASA - Rack, Saske

  28. Lord Yutuba

    Lord YutubaПре месец

    @Anthony Ibrahim yes!

  29. Anthony Ibrahim

    Anthony IbrahimПре месец

    It’s Greek isn’t it?

  30. Unsaken

    UnsakenПре месец

    Ah yes, INTbeast.

  31. Jonas25

    Jonas25Пре месец

    4:50 songname anyone? 😩😩😩😩

  32. Πασχάλης Δαρ.

    Πασχάλης Δαρ.Пре месец


  33. ithildiess

    ithildiessПре месец

    i remember midbeast in one of his youtube videos recently said "i don't mean to brag but my qiayana mid is 53% winrate now up from 30 ish %. "i will soon be the best qiyana mid!" i wish someone made a compilation of this nad that lol. wanna see his reaction XD

  34. george g.

    george g.Пре месец

    Comp ΧΥΝΝ

  35. AgustinBre

    AgustinBreПре месец

    5:50 he won?

  36. UmbralBushido

    UmbralBushidoПре месец


  37. Spoko Typek

    Spoko TypekПре месец

    Idk why yamikazexz Akali plays are here. This Akali plays are total normal nothing special :pp

  38. shaked hatuel

    shaked hatuelПре месец

    does anyone know what the name of the music is in 5:16?

  39. shaked hatuel

    shaked hatuelПре месец

    @MiniLaz thank you

  40. MiniLaz

    MiniLazПре месец

    ok i knew it was from pentakill , its blade of the ruined king

  41. MiniLaz

    MiniLazПре месец

    i need to know to lmaoooo

  42. Kabera

    KaberaПре месец


  43. Kevin Backfisch

    Kevin BackfischПре месец

    10:45: "I'm not even trolling" *trundle comes out of bush*

  44. M. Arung Syahbana As-Sahra / 20TMIA498

    M. Arung Syahbana As-Sahra / 20TMIA498Пре месец

    Perfect time, right when I'm about to sleep

  45. SexyINSANEDude

    SexyINSANEDudeПре месец

    asian man says "get fucked" Me: Just like your ancestors got in 1945!?

  46. Oliver Greis

    Oliver GreisПре месец

    0:55 wow, what a play

  47. kuroko tetsuya 11

    kuroko tetsuya 11Пре месец

    Love 💘😻

  48. Mahmoud Saghir

    Mahmoud SaghirПре месец

    Imagine that this trash challenger tyler has elder dragon and he dont want to join his team to fight and kill everyone So he left his team die while he is hitting the nexus

  49. RAY X

    RAY XПре месец

    it's like crossroad of life .u dont know what you chioce is right or wrong,till end find result.

  50. Min TL

    Min TLПре месец

    The whole team trolled, not only him. Vlad and Zac hard inted first. Jayce, in range form, E Q a minion and turned into melee form to jump into a Malphite with ZHONYA just to be knocked up by Kalista's ult and die. When Maokai W in, Malphite and Sona had no ult and Kalista was too far away to deal significant damage. If Jayce hit the turret there, they won.

  51. AgustinBre

    AgustinBreПре месец

    @- nepo - its like viewing bots

  52. - nepo -

    - nepo -Пре месец

    Isn't he NA challenger? So it's diamond in other regions xd

  53. LB Monkey

    LB MonkeyПре месец


  54. ImThrice

    ImThriceПре месец

    says "hunter beats" in the thumbnail bro

  55. Pine Demon

    Pine DemonПре месец

    Midbeast inting just like my teammates in s11 :\

  56. Gaming Prince

    Gaming PrinceПре месец

    Early bird

  57. BrorenzGaming

    BrorenzGamingПре месец

    I've never got my comment pinned

  58. RAY X

    RAY XПре месец


  59. HKE

    HKEПре месец

    Love ur edits

  60. BrorenzGaming

    BrorenzGamingПре месец

    Midbeast is cool even tho sometimes he trolled and that makes him cool 😎

  61. Tristen Matthews

    Tristen MatthewsПре месец

    Yo Iupuph

  62. FlyingTaco

    FlyingTacoПре месец

    yay new video