Hullbreaker is fair and balanced?..LoL Daily Moments Ep 1534


  1. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupiПре 17 дана


  2. Richard Salzmann

    Richard SalzmannПре 29 дана

    You misstyped riven and goredrinker in the title

  3. Andross Nelson

    Andross NelsonПре месец

    2:15 he says after missing the ez shot.

  4. ny Jin

    ny JinПре месец

    So many ads

  5. The Hacker 9

    The Hacker 9Пре месец

    5:38 - Veigar - no skill champ

  6. Daniel Wagner

    Daniel WagnerПре месец

    The mundane fiber cytopathologically unlock because puppy radiographically step abaft a symptomatic tent. shallow, happy text

  7. Zhuojin Xie

    Zhuojin XieПре месец

    9:57 dying so fast yummi doesn't follow

  8. Olek Niziołek

    Olek NiziołekПре месец

    its to annoyinf fuckin recycled walmart synapse

  9. Gianny Ferrari

    Gianny FerrariПре месец

    Hullbreaker aint broken riven in the other hand she looks like Fine China after an earthquake

  10. Baptiste Jean

    Baptiste JeanПре месец

    is there a channel that shows just cool/sick LoL plays and not "heres some basic plays by my 5 fav streamers" channel?

  11. Abe Buckingham

    Abe BuckinghamПре месец

    No you'll have spend the rest of your life complaining. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

  12. Muhyidin Fuad

    Muhyidin FuadПре месец

    Can't they built it too tho 😜 we both broken then

  13. Turkeyboy

    TurkeyboyПре месец

    clearly goredrinker not hullbreaker xD

  14. Jeppe Villum

    Jeppe VillumПре месец

    I think it was just riven not hullbreakee

  15. Souldstar lel

    Souldstar lelПре месец

    Yeah, it was gore drinker, not riven, of course riven is not broken.

  16. Nam Anh

    Nam AnhПре месец

    3:08 *H A H* furiously

  17. Abdou Lasri

    Abdou LasriПре месец


  18. Tikchora

    TikchoraПре месец

    So you upload midbeast play where he doesn't int? You lost your mind?

  19. Corey Williams

    Corey WilliamsПре месец

    That pinkward play?

  20. Azzylito

    AzzylitoПре месец

    ayo kayle said what?😳

  21. Łukasz T.

    Łukasz T.Пре месец

    5:55 Arquel sie dostał

  22. Flipflop

    FlipflopПре месец

    0:05 so we ignore the fact that he is 7 2 and say that item is broken? ok ok its not like he have 2 items more them

  23. Really

    ReallyПре 29 дана

    you realize he was being sarcastic right?

  24. Kareem Tagy

    Kareem TagyПре месец

    Lohpally's laugh actually sounds like veigar lol

  25. Dorian Meiss

    Dorian MeissПре месец

    Its Riven not Hulkbreaker which is broken. Delusional cringe otp.

  26. young brams

    young bramsПре месец

    hi coconut

  27. JcoopinNeWYork

    JcoopinNeWYorkПре месец

    only coin eyes are playing uff

  28. Hunter Fabio2

    Hunter Fabio2Пре месец


  29. skinnymon123

    skinnymon123Пре месец

    u mean goredrinker is fair and balanced?

  30. Hei Lit CHAN

    Hei Lit CHANПре месец

    3:02 我操?

  31. musicfaber

    musicfaberПре месец

    Why ppl say that riven is skille

  32. kuroko tetsuya 11

    kuroko tetsuya 11Пре месец

    Love 💘😻💜💛💚

  33. Karpa

    KarpaПре месец

    5:44 sad Poland :c, POLSKA GUROM!!!

  34. Table

    TableПре месец

    7:50 my boy literally plays wukong wdym let's go u trash bruv

  35. Uncle Doggo

    Uncle DoggoПре месец

    That guy was playing riven, and the item helped yes, but he just did basic combos and used well timed Gore Drinker procs.

  36. Educated Duck

    Educated DuckПре 20 дана

    I 100% agree, but I'm not sure calling Adrian "that guy" helps the argument.

  37. Donald Dank

    Donald DankПре месец

    Soon you'll get to ban items lmao

  38. Kirby will end you free trial of life

    Kirby will end you free trial of lifeПре месец

    daily dose of coconut

  39. League of Highlights

    League of HighlightsПре месец

    1:38 lol caged and fed him to baron 🤣

  40. merstez artoy

    merstez artoyПре месец

    Delete gore drinker from game for fair

  41. Pain is Coming

    Pain is ComingПре месец

    Fun fact on mobile : if you see a Tyler1 clip you can tap the right side of your screen 4 times rapidly to skip that shit clip.

  42. Helyx

    HelyxПре месец

    4:18 kayle's phrase O_O

  43. Pico Senpai

    Pico SenpaiПре месец

    Kayle would never say that I'm literally crying and shaking rn

  44. Joaquin Toloza

    Joaquin TolozaПре месец

    she says the nword wtf

  45. Cole Sherwood

    Cole SherwoodПре месец

    T1 better Draven

  46. Kyle Cantley

    Kyle CantleyПре месец

    Anivia triple 'thanks for the 13 months'.

  47. georg kroux

    georg krouxПре месец


  48. Darker

    DarkerПре месец


  49. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmПре месец


  50. Justice Winslow

    Justice WinslowПре месец

    Hes a basketball

  51. TooKorky

    TooKorkyПре месец

    6:13 Its just insane how well he can make his normal character look like someone controlling the clone, so good

  52. Kurt

    KurtПре месец

    @TooKorky the reason you dont see more clips is becaue nobody plays ap shaco at a high level besides pinkward because its not that great. this is easy to do. LITERALLY right click on an enemy, and then press CTRL and click around like you would if you were the clone. youre literally only controlling one thing. this is very easy, i main shaco. if you think this is hard then youre basically saying you think controlling your own champ is hard.

  53. TooKorky

    TooKorkyПре месец

    @Kurt If it was this easy everyone would be doing it as well as he does

  54. Observer.v5

    Observer.v5Пре месец

    retarded enemies you can literally see how much damage the fake shaco takes and change targets i mean he takes 150% damage so its kinda easy to tell

  55. Kurt

    KurtПре месец

    all you do is right click your character on an enemy so the real shaco afk runs at enemy and they dont attack you, then you just put all your energy to moving the clone normally like you would yourself, its easy.

  56. Messuo

    MessuoПре месец

    i mean the ennemies are just bad, we saw the comet coming from the real one

  57. Raptor OnglaiTM

    Raptor OnglaiTMПре месец

    I mean when riven heals more than aatrox with goredrinker kinda sus

  58. Snoopy 13

    Snoopy 13Пре месец

    Goredrinker very sussy

  59. ponsoke

    ponsokeПре месец

    In the bobqin clip, his jungler is like, "Don't worry," then as soon as he dies to raptors, his jungler says to ff.

  60. TheDouradaGrelhada

    TheDouradaGrelhadaПре месец

    Probably just a joke ff A jungler who's truly mad would just vote instead

  61. Arky

    ArkyПре месец

    didnt know spica would be speaking chinese with swordart lmao

  62. BPR

    BPRПре месец

    Remember when Riot remove Banner of command because minion buff meta was so toxic? Yeah, they did it again with Hullbreaker.... Rito logic

  63. Asriel Dreemurr

    Asriel DreemurrПре 17 дана

    You do know that if team mates are around it does nothing right

  64. Yelir

    YelirПре месец

    yea the 20 extra mr and armor are so broken not the 50% heal on a 10 second cd

  65. Dunk2G

    Dunk2GПре месец

    Just looks like goredrinker being fair and balanced, along with rivens 3 second cd shield

  66. Constantine xd

    Constantine xdПре месец

    4:18 what did kayle say?

  67. Kevin M

    Kevin MПре месец

    Nick ca that’s what she said

  68. settar şahin

    settar şahinПре месец

    goredrinker balanced?

  69. 허보람

    허보람Пре месец

    Hello, from South Korea

  70. Stefan Ristic

    Stefan RisticПре месец

    I think the impostor was gore drinker not hullbreaker

  71. Goredrinshinshin

    GoredrinshinshinПре 17 дана

    @Esteban Antonio Soriano stfu

  72. GlarePPP 666

    GlarePPP 666Пре месец

    @Sebastian Wittner i play rive and i have to say she is too strong need a big nerf

  73. Stefan Ristic

    Stefan RisticПре месец

    @z7as34ba XD

  74. Stefan Ristic

    Stefan RisticПре месец

    @z7as34ba i am zed main

  75. Sebastian Wittner

    Sebastian WittnerПре месец

    @Stefan Ristic not all the riven players trying to defend their unskilled ass champ. Ask fucking drututt ask tyler everyone hates that overtuned ass champ

  76. César L. Rios S.

    César L. Rios S.Пре месец

    Hi coconut !

  77. Numpadd

    NumpaddПре месец

    This doesnt have anything to do with the item tbh.

  78. Reevz

    ReevzПре месец

    @Numpadd yeah you are right i will buy stoneplate or else next time i play riven

  79. Reevz

    ReevzПре месец

    @Dunk2G besides mythic items hullbreaker is the only item that gives armor mr and hp 🤡

  80. Dunk2G

    Dunk2GПре месец

    @Reevz damn you are right. there are no other items in the game that give health armor and mr, this new item is so broken.

  81. Numpadd

    NumpaddПре месец

    @Reevz if you want armor and mr buy stoneplate or else. There are more than enoigh options, so yeah. Doesnt have anything zo do with that specific item.

  82. Reevz

    ReevzПре месец

    300 hp bonus armor and mr weren't helpful at all true true

  83. Luis Augusto

    Luis AugustoПре месец

    Goredrinker xd

  84. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре месец


  85. A. XannaX

    A. XannaXПре месец

    More like is riven balanced

  86. Zabuza Momochi, o demônio do gás oculto

    Zabuza Momochi, o demônio do gás ocultoПре месец

    @zel oh noo, dead champ

  87. zel

    zelПре месец

    @Zabuza Momochi, o demônio do gás oculto it actually got reduced to 10 Xdddd

  88. Zabuza Momochi, o demônio do gás oculto

    Zabuza Momochi, o demônio do gás ocultoПре месец

    15 less shield, huge nerf btw xD

  89. Ian Acioli

    Ian AcioliПре месец

    good night froom brazil 😎

  90. Yuzen

    YuzenПре месец

    Good morning coconut!